Ever hear of James Ritchie?

How about Marshall Mathers?

Or Curtis Jackson III?

Believe it or not, these are men you probably listen to day in and day out – under the names Kid Rock, Eminem and 50 Cent.

These guys knew they'd never be able to get their groove on under their real names, so they created their own fly hip-hop names – and saw their careers soar.

Straight out the trailer, slim and shady, they knew they had to get rich or die trying. And, it's their name that put them into the game.

If they had gone to a record company, an agent or a booker and used their real names they never would have gotten a single record contract or played even one gig. Yet, under their hip-hop names they've all sold millions of albums and have become three of the most famous names in the world.

Sure, they all had talent; but in the recording industry, image is 90 percent of your success. They understood that and worked hard to find the right names that would give them street cred and make them ghetto superstars.

Have you been thinking about trying to use your talent to break into the hip-hop game? Do you know you have the talent to burst onto the scene and bring the crowd to their feet? Are you looking for something that will help you break through to the masses?

If so, you need to come up with a unique hip-hop name that will burn itself in people's brains and make the right impression.

Unfortunately, coming up with the perfect hip-hop name isn't that easy. You may have a great idea, only to find out that it's already taken. Your name has to be used in all of your marketing – and you don't want to risk getting confused with a wannabe or a player.

After all, nobody wants to end up being the next Vanilla Ice or K-Fed.

You also want to make sure you can register a website domain with your hip-hop name, so fans can find out about new releases, tour dates and keep up with your antics.

If you are ready to create and register a name that will help bring you to the next level, then I'd like to help.

I've developed a remarkable software tool that can help any aspiring hip-hop artist come up with the perfect stage name so they can Busta Rhymes their way to the top.

All you need to do is order The Hip-Hop Name Generator today – for only $20 – and you'll get the beat.


What impresses me the most about the Hip-Hop Name Generator is that it is so easy to use. So many software programs out there are so complex, only an egghead computer genius can get them to work.

The Hip-Hop Name Generator is different. I understand you don't want to spend a lot of time figuring out a new program.

You want to be making contacts and getting your groove on.

That's why I've designed it so that with just a few keystrokes, you can get it to start working for you to come up with a unique hip-hop name that people will want to remember.

When you load up the Hip-Hop Name Generator you'll have immediate access to:

A database of nearly 1,000 “namelets” that allow you to generate a nearly unlimited amount of possible stage names.
The ability to use as many keywords as you want during your name generation process.
The chance to see dozens of potential pseudonyms in just a few seconds.
A built-in search that allows you to instantly find out if an Internet domain is available for any of your preferred names.
The power to use the software to register your domain name instantly.
A “save” feature that allows you to record the names you like best during your brainstorming sessions.
How cool is that? For only $19.97 – the retail price of your first smash-hit CD – you'll be on your way to the big leagues where everybody knows your name!

You take a risk every time you get up on stage. You could have a bad crowd. Your speakers could blow out; the promoter may have screwed up the gig. You don't need any more risks in your life as you develop your career.

That's why I've decided to make the Hip-Hop Generator available for you, for less than #$only $20, completely risk free. Simply order the Hip-Hop Generator today, fire it up and use it to start brainstorming your fly hip-hop name.

If after 30 days you don't agree that it's helped you come up with and register the name that will make you a superstar, simply send me an email and I'll refund your money on the spot.

I can make that claim because I'm not playing – I know the Hip-Hop Name Generator is where it’s at.

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If you are serious about your hip-hop career, you have to live in the now so you can build your future. Whether you are East Coast, West Coast or gettin’ down in Detroit, you need to get the right stage name as soon as possible.

Imagine if you came up with a superstar name, only to find out that someone had registered it a week ago. Is that a risk you want to take?

That's why you can't hesitate or procrastinate if you want your name to rate. You need to order the Hip-Hop Name Generator today.

I'll see you at the show.


Mogul D

P.S. Who would you rather have seen in concert, Christopher Wallace or Biggie Smalls?

P.P.S. Remember, the Hip-Hop Name Generator can be yours risk free when you order today for only $19.97.

P.P.P.S. It don't mean a thing if you ain't got the bling. Put your career forward now with a name that's super fly.

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